Free To Be {A Spoken Word Poem}

Free To Be {A Spoken Word Poem}








What’s apparent is that we can’t recognize real. Buried in Sheol like the “Los 33”. Trapped under layers and layers of fraudulent fabrication. Self-adorned, one dimensional, wash and shrink flea market finds.


New realities created.


New identities established.


Fake ID by way of your Gravatar, your avatar has become the new you. This carefully guarded new persona is shallow at best and when put to the test will prove defective. That plastic armor does not guard but suffocates. Check the warning label on your grocery store plastic bag.


Choking out your gifts, snuffing out what makes you uniquely you.


While your spirit smothers, your souls smolders and the soot and ash render you unrecognizable.


But when you KNOW that your identity cannot be shaped by:











You are unrestricted and unshackled. Like the grotesque beings removing their outer casings at the dawn of A Brand New Day, you are free to give rise to your true self. No longer caged, the bird sings and I know why.


Delivered from confinement, mind, body and spirit come into alignment. With jet propulsion, rocket boosters thrust, power ignites and takes flight.


The course is set. Charting to free.


You are free to BE.

Eating Clean On Vacation

Last week I took a 9 hour road trip and I’ve got another coming up soon. Highway rest stop are a bane to the clean eating lifestyle, so what is one to do?


Proper Preparation Prevents Pitfalls


For the road trip and during my vacation I commit to not falling off the wagon. I do grant myself a cheat meal while on vacation but I try to limit that to one day. Vacationing is not a reason to scrap all the hard work and discipline I’ve invested. In fact, it’s all the more reason to continue honoring my temple through proper nourishment, rest and exercise. With the relaxed schedule of vacation and away from the pull of regular home commitments, I certainly have the time to devote to honoring my temple.


Tobin Bridge

On The Road

When on the road my mission is to get to my destination as quickly as possible. Minimizing stops allow me to do that and that also keeps me clear of the dozens of fast food joints along the way. Here’s what I pack for the road:


~Watermelon Juice (which I freeze as it starts to melt it gets slushy and is quite refreshing)

~Green Smoothie (made w/ coconut water to hydrate)


~Carrot Sticks


~Raw Revolution Bar


Watermelon juice



During My Stay

When on vacation, I nearly always select a property that has a kitchen. Most vacations I’m travelling with my children and this just makes it easier, healthier and more cost effective to feed this family of 7. Before we leave, I follow my usual practice of creating a meal plan and grocery list. Again, just because we are on vacation doesn’t mean we succumb to the trap of eating poorly. We do give the children at least one night of eating out otherwise it’s home cooking. And while that may be contrary to me “vacationing” and possibly getting away from kitchen duty, it’s a job I don’t mind carrying out. But it can be a little challenging, as I’m not in my own kitchen with FULL use of my kitchen tools, gadgets, spices and pantry. Again, this is where proper planning helps. When planning the menu, I streamline the offerings, selecting meals that are uncomplicated and require fewer ingredients. I stick to my smoothie or fruit & granola for breakfast, salads for lunch then a light dinner of soup and salad or salad and baked sweet potato. I even cook before I go and freeze meal then store them in thermal travel bags. Here’s what I pack ahead of time:

~Spices (Virtuous Living are the best because the blends truly season a whole dish. No need for bringing many spices)

~Himalayan Salt


~Garlic Powder


~Maple Syrup

~Olive Oil

~Homemade Granola

~Homemade Salad Dressing

~Freezer Meals (Chipotle At Home, Baked Pasta Dish)

~My Ninja (Ok this may be taking it too far but I normally use it everyday. There are times when I feel like it’s cumbersome and I worry about it getting broken and bumping around in the car. But it’s truly a member of the family so it has to come)

~Evolution Juices (When I don’t bring the Ninja)



Also check out my post HEALTHY EATING ON THE GO


Following these tips will ensure you’re eating clean on vacation.


As always, it is my prayer that you’ve been Inspired To Live Fully!

The Release Of The Spirit

At the grocery store checkout through a pack of gum?!

It’s amazing the ways God chooses to speak to His people. So yes, God did communicated a powerful truth through a pack of gum. And it’s not the 1st time He’s spoken to me in an unusual fashion. He’s spoken to me by vigorously waving tree branches on a still windless day. I’ve even heard His booming voice from heaven audibly call my name. And that happened while I was new in the faith so it was quite unnerving.


On my weekly trip to the grocery store, as I stood in the checkout line I glanced over at the gum, My eyes landed right on Mentos Pure Fresh. Mentos Pure Fresh Gum has three layers.   A hard candy outer shell, a chewy, gummy layers then a cool liquid center. And you and I are like the Mentos gum. We are three layered persons. Our hard shell represents our outer most physical body, the gum layer being our mind, will and emotions and the center our spirit. To release the liquid center of the gum, we must get through two tough layers. And the same can be said for releasing our spirit. Let’s journey through the layers.



Oh how we long to satisfy the desires of the flesh.


When angry, we want to holler or play the power move of being passive aggressive.


When hurt or sad we may turn to food or other external sources for comfort.


That hard outer shell of the gum, the tough, rebellious outer layer of our person, the flesh, MUST crucify its longings to get to the next layer. That outer shell like the outer shell of an M&M can be cracked. Will we embrace being cracked? Do we see the value and benefit of being broken before God?


Very truly I tell you, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds. John 12:24



When the flesh and its longings have been bought under subjection, we can then reach the next layer of ourselves and that is our mind, will and emotions. And like chewing gum, they are malleable. Just like our teeth and tongue crush, squeeze, fold and turn gum, God takes our mind, will and emotions and turns and squeezes them so that are bought to the obedience of Christ.


Therefore do not lose heart, even though our outward man is perishing, yet the inward man is being renewed day by day. 2 Corinthians 4:16


While there are many well meaning, good intentions we may have, unless they are in alignment with the will of the Lord, they are for naught. It is not OUR will but HIS will that must be done.



Now I find there are three camps people fall into when eating layered candies like M&M’s and this gum. Some lick each layer. Some nibble each layer. And the last just bite through the whole thing. Whatever the strategy, each layer is enjoyed yet the center holds the promise, like getting to the center of a Tootsie Pop lollipop.


It behooves us to remain aware and sensitive so that we don’t miss Him. Now every time I SEE the Mentos gum, think about the Mentos gum, or even smell minty gum, I am reminded that Jesus is the center and I have to remain centered in Him.


In the case of the Mentos, the outer layer seems to hold the most intense flavor. The mint is strong and fills the nostrils. The mint is cool yet fiery. And when eating the gum, one wants that minty outer layer to last forever. And we can be like that, wanting to satisfy our desires forever. But do you not know there is even more intense flavor inside waiting to be released? For the liquid center inside the gum is even more intense, even more pungent. And the same can be said for your spirit. Your spirit man is capable of producing MORE fruit than your flesh ever could.


And this is the work of the Lord. Day by day He puts us in situations where we will be challenged to crack the hard outer shell of our bodily desires, where we will have to stretch and squeeze the longings of our will so that our spirit man will be released to flow freely and fly right in line with the Lord.


This is His desire for you. This is His desire for me, that we would be broken before Him so that our spirits can commune with Him and with other like-minded spirits to expedite the work of building the Kingdom here on earth. This is truly living. Doing the work that we were purposed and placed here for from the beginning of time.


“It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh profits nothing. The Words that I speak to you are spirit, and they are life.” John 6:63


Last year I asked the Lord to move my relationship with Him from my head to my heart. My head knows plenty about the Lord; I have memorized His word, I have seen His work, I have heard and continue to hear Him speak. The first two layers of ME know plenty about Him. Oh but I desire more than just head knowledge about Him. I long to know Him intimately. I long to commune with Him. I pine for the opportunity to hang out with Him and learn from Him. So He simply beckoned me to “COME!” And when I walked toward Him, the desires of my first two layers, my body and my will HAD to fall away. To sit with Him and hear from Him required me to respond. And to respond appropriately, obediently required me to deny myself so that my spirit could receive and act accordingly.


In his book The Release Of The Spirit, Watchman Nee says, “Our spirit is released according to the degree of our brokenness. The one who has accepted the most discipline is the one who can best serve. The more one is broken, the more sensitive he can be.” He goes on to say it is, “Through the Spirit’s discipline, that the outer man is broken. And, through the Spirit’s revelation, the powers of the outer man are completely divided from the spirit.”


Therefore, through disciplining ourselves and by divine revelation of the Holy Spirit, our inner man, our spirit man is released and is FREE.


In what ways are you being broken?

Can you see blessing in brokenness?


As always, it is my prayer that you’ve been Inspired To Live Fully!
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FitMom, Get It In. No Excuses!

Ok, so off the break let me say this upfront, I am no personal trainer, fitness buff, fitness expert, muscle head or exercise fanatic. I’m just a person who seeks to leave a legacy of health and generational blessing of total wellness, mind, body and spirit.


Like most people I know, exercise is not easy for me. Who wakes up thinking, “Yay, today I get to do squats until my legs are on FIRE and I can barely stand?” Who loves feeling the burn the day after those squats when all you’re trying to do is bend to pee? Well, I know there are some who like that feeling, I’m not particularly one of them.


But I am one who finds confidence in knowing that as I’m working those quads doing squats, I’m working the largest muscle group in my body thus giving me the biggest bang for my buck. I like knowing that I’m proactively reducing my risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease when I exercise. It’s reassuring to know I’m lowering my cholesterol, blood pressure and stress when I exercise. And it doesn’t hurt when I look at myself and see some of the fruit of my labor.



Leaving a generational legacy of health and wellness requires me to DO something about it today.


And what I can do TODAY is this:


~Choose to eat Whole Foods that add to not detract from my health. For more on eating clean, check out these posts.

I Can Eat Clean

Eat Right On The Go 


~Get adequate rest so my brain and body can function as designed. For more on Rest check out these posts.

For The REST Of My Life

How To Get Rest


~Of the 1440 minutes I’m given each day, I can dedicate a minimum of 30 back to myself in the form of exercise. As a busy mom of 5 young children, I can certain come up with PLENTY of legitimate reasons for not exercising regularly. But I will not let legitimate reasons (code name, uh-umm excuses) hamper my children’s ability to receive their blessing.


While my preferred method of exercise would be an intense African dance session to live drumming, my family schedule does not permit that. I’d also like to workout with others in a class setting, again that’s a tough one. I am able to squeeze in one day a week with a group. Other than that, I’ve had to devise a method that works well for me. When devising an exercise plan consider all factor that would contribute to making your plan a success such as: your schedule, family dynamic, finances, current health, exercise options available, personality, etc. All of these will directly impact your ability to sustain a workout regime. Once you find a formula that works for you, STICK TO IT! There can be lots of starts and stops in committing to exercise. Keep the goal before you always. And the goal for me is to LIVE FULLY by nurturing mind, body and spirit. To neglect one area is to neglect the others.


So here’s a glimpse at what works for me.


~Do It Early

My days start very early. I am up before my children so I can get a head start with my prayer and exercise. My agenda is WORD IN, WORK OUT, WORK THE DAILY PLAN. Thanks to Ann Voskamp for lending to that inspiration. I just wake up and put on my workout clothes. This helps get my mind focused on what needs to be accomplished. And if I don’t exercise early, I find that it falls at the mercy of other events of the day. And by evening I am absolutely worn out. And my husband comes home from work late so there’s no changing of the guard even if I wanted to workout in the evening so early morning it is. And since school has been out, some days I’ve even been able to add an early morning run to my routine. Those runs have been so refreshing in connecting with God in the outdoors, smelling the dew, listening to the birds and embracing the beauty in the now moment. Whoosah.


~Short but intense workouts

I’ve tried lots of exercise videos, video on demand, borrowing from friends, checking out of the library. If exercises are too repetitive or move too slowly, I get bored. Because time is also an issue for me, I want to get the biggest return on investment for my time. So I can’t do a 50-minute video or run the track for an hour. That simply doesn’t work for me so I know I wouldn’t commit to it. I’ve found Tabata workouts and H.I.I.T workouts to be effective for me. Two of my go to resources for those workouts are:


Sworkit App


I love, love, love these! With the Sworkit app you choose the type of workout (strength, cardio, yoga or stretching). Then you choose the number of minutes you want to workout. Then the real time workout begins and a person demonstrates it real time including a countdown clock. The lite version is free and is something I’d actually pay for I like it so much. But I have to say it doesn’t stretch me as much as the second, BodyRock. A friend introduced me to this YouTube channel and I’ve been HOOKED ever since. When I just think about the videos, I think POWER! The videos push me and when I’m done I feel strong and powerful.




~Playground Workout

Of my 5 children, 2 aren’t school age yet so since they are home with me everyday, all day I had to figure out a way to mesh their play and my workout thus the playground workout was born. In a coming post, I’ll detail what that looks like.


~At Hand Artillery

I keep my resistance bands and jump rope close at hand. If I have idle time (which is rare) I just pull them out. Even when I’m standing around watching my little ones ride their bikes or skate up and down the driveway, I can get some skipping in. No excuses maximize on the time.




These are a few of the strategies I employ to ensure I am honoring my temple through exercise so that I leave a legacy of health and wellness.


What are you doing to honor your temple through exercise?


What’s working well? What challenges are you facing?


You are not alone. I am here friend, cheering you on as you glorify God through honoring your temple. So do your thang FitMom. Get it in. No excuses!


before and after 2


As always, it is my prayer that you’ve been Inspired To Live Fully!
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Condition and Consequence {God’s If/Then}

I was listening to a song a few days ago. I was singing and swaying right along with the melody. But as I listened to the lyrics, I stopped cold. Was the singer proposing, “God if you do THIS then I’ll do THAT”? My praise was cut short as I began to dissect the song even further. Perhaps she was suggesting the thing God had already done then her act of obedience.


Conditional sentences give implications and their consequences.


God is the author of the IF/THEN clause. It is the method by which He fulfills His promises to us.


If you carefully observe all these commands I am giving you to follow—to love the Lord your God, to walk in obedience to him and to hold fast to him—  then the Lord will drive out all these nations before you, and you will dispossess nations larger and stronger than you.  Every place where you set your foot will be yours: Your territory will extend from the desert to Lebanon, and from the Euphrates River to the Mediterranean Sea. Deuteronomy 11:22-24


 “This Book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate in it day and night, that you may observe to do according to all that is written in it. For then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have good success.”  Joshua 1:8


If then God so clothes the grass, which today is in the field and tomorrow is thrown into the oven, how much more will He clothe you, O you of little faith? Luke 12:28


“If you love Me, keep My commandments.” John 14:15


If you give, you will receive

If you die to self, you will live

If you believe, you will be saved

If you are humble, you will be lifted up

If you abide, you will be fruitful

If you seek, you shall find

If you obey, you will prosper


So who initiates the IF/THEN? It is God who establishes the condition and it is my obedience that carries it out so that I can reap the reward or invite the consequence. Condition and consequence, that’s God’s If/Then strategy. God is waiting to show himself strong and mighty on your behalf.   But are you delightfully, readily obeying Him?


The converse is most often the case. We want God to do something for us 1st, and then we claim we’ll comply afterward. Most people tend to want the blessing without the burden, the promise without the practice. Too often meeting the condition is neglected.


But I implore you dear friends, to take God at His word. Do YOUR part and stand and watch God DO His part.


So Jesus said to them, “Because of your unbelief; for assuredly, I say to you, if you have faith as a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move; and nothing will be impossible for you. Matthew 17:20


I really like the song. I really like the artist. In the song, I truly hope she is suggesting her response to God’s condition. God spells out the condition, we reap the blessing or the consequence with our obedience or lack thereof.


Then Jesus said to those Jews who believed Him, “If you abide in My word, you are My disciples indeed.

John 8:31


As always, it is my prayer that you’ve been Inspired To Live Fully!

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Life Water {Coconut Water}

Better than any sports drink loaded with sugar and artificial color. Coconut water is life water. A natural source of electrolytes, it replenishes the body’s potassium and sodium. This hydrating fluid is rich in Vitamin C, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Copper and Magnesium. It has naturally occurring enzymes that promote gut health.


young Thai coconut


It is an ideal food for breaking your fast in the morning or replenishing your electrolytes after a workout.


Coconut water is sources from young coconuts. If you’ve ever travelled to the Caribbean, chances are you may have seen a truck on the side of the road loaded with green coconuts. The seller will take his machete, hack off the top, and you can sip pure, delicious, nourishing life water right from the coconut.


green coconut


Today, coconut water is bottled and readily available in most conventional grocery stores and specialty markets. In the states, young coconuts can be found in a market like Whole Food, though they’ll be grossly overpriced. If you have a Thai market in your area, you can find them there. My local international market sells Asian, Hispanic and Caribbean foods and I get mine from there.


young coconut 2


Hacking into one of these babies is an art. A sharp knife and some wrist action will get you in but you want to do it just right as to not waste one drop of the precious water inside. You can find YouTube videos on how to cut into one. Once you get it open and take that first sip…Mmm. It is an acquired taste. To me it really doesn’t “taste” like coconut. It has a faint coconut taste, more like a coconut aroma than a strong taste. It is slightly sweet and nutty, and thoroughly nourishing to the body.


young coconut meat


Pick up a few of these gems and fuel your body today with this potent life water. You can drink it straight up or to recover after your workout, try the recipe below. And after you’ve consumed the water, you can even scrape out the tender coconut meat to eat or add to smoothies.


Post-Workout Coconut Smoothie


1 cup coconut water

1 frozen banana

1 scoop plant based protein powder

¼ tsp cinnamon

1 tbsp organic raw honey


As always, it is my prayer that you’ve Inspired To Live Fully!

Live In The Moment

Yesterday my family and I spent the day in a small, quaint town. While there we walked the streets, window-shopped, admired old brick buildings, and read on the town’s engagement in the Civil War. We stopped in a teashop, a local coffeehouse and walked the canal.




The whole while my 11 year old talked and talked and talked. She went on and on about how she was going to enjoy this trip to this town. She went on about how she would see sights and visit shops. This narration was taking place right as we were DOING the very things she was mentioning. But she was so engrossed in her future planning of what we would do that she was missing THE opportunity to bask in the PRESENT moment of us DOING IT. I reminded her to LIVE in the moment.


But that’s where most people live in their minds. They’ve hitched a ride with Marty McFly and jumped into the DeLorean. Most have gone into the future and have stayed there. Or they’ve taken a trip to the past and have gotten comfortable there. All the while missing all that abounds in THIS PRESENT MOMENT.


Oh the JOY that is available to us here in this present moment. Neither future nor past are greater than NOW. Be present to live in the moment.




Now is reality. The past is a memory and the future an imagination, but the present is where LIFE happens.


While there are benefits to reflecting on the past in that it can fill us with warm memories and allow us to learn from our experiences, there is danger in living the bulk of our present existence in a time that doesn’t currently exist.


purple flower lily pad



Let him who would enjoy a good future waste none of his present. ~Roger Babson


While it is good to forecast into the future, to hope, anticipate, plan, dream, wonder and visualize, we need to ACT and action happens in the present.


After looking at the way things are on this earth, here’s what I’ve decided is the best way to live: Take care of yourself, have a good time, and make the most of whatever job you have for as long as God gives you life. And that’s about it. That’s the human lot. Yes, we should make the most of what God gives, both the bounty and the capacity to enjoy it, accepting what’s given and delighting in the work. It’s God’s gift! God deals out joy in the present, the now. It’s useless to brood over how long we might live. Ecclesiastes 5:18-20


Life is too precious to take for granted. Every inhalation and exhalation is a reason to rejoice and give thanks. By engaging our senses and focusing our attention, we can train ourselves to be present live in the moment.


Do you remember being a young child, sitting at your desk in school? At the start of the day your teacher would begin to take roll. When your name was called, you affirmed that indeed you were there by saying “Here” or “Present”. Friends God is taking attendance and He wants to know if you are here. When your name is called, how will you respond? Will you be marked absent because your attention is consumed with the past or the future?


As I sat on the bench with my family looking out onto the water, I listened to my children’s laughter, I felt the sun radiating on my skin, I admired the colors of the flowers and smiled in amazement at God’s creativity. I gave thanks for all the beauty, majesty and splendor abounding in THAT MOMENT.


pink flower lily pad



This moment is all I have


 This moment is divinely appointed


 This moment is especially blessed


 This is the NOW moment




Live in the moment


 God is here!


As always, it is my prayer that you’ve been Inspired To Live Fully!
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It’s My Favorite







We can claim to have a favorite. But times changes. Big hair was in. It was my favorite style then but now it’s gone. Fuchsia lipstick is a thing of the past.


Favorites are relative to what feels good today. My sweet husband is quick to claim, “It’s My Favorite!


Though there is one favorite I’ve had that hasn’t waned and that’s my love of popcorn. It’s truly the one thing that I know withstanding changes in culture, space and time and space that have remained a constant, a favorite. It’s not just my favorite snack but also my favorite food. Yet this popcorn holds a position that would otherwise be easily occupied by another.


What has given my popcorn a place of prominence?


What is it about the popcorn that allows it to hold my taste buds and hold my heart?


What is it about the popcorn that has cemented it as a lifelong favorite?


Simply because it bring me joy.


Popcorn doesn’t merely make me happy. Happiness is fleeting and contingent on too many external circumstances. True joy is a state of mind. And everything about popcorn brings me joy. From the smell, to the taste to the motion of eating it, I am filled with joy. Even thinking about it as I type brings a smile to my face.


Joy is a condition of the heart. External factors can’t stand a chance against joy.


Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. Romans 15:13


What are your favorites?


Are they things that make you happy or things that bring you joy?


You make known to me the path of life; in your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore. Psalm 16:11


May you abide in joy that is full and favorites that are fulfilling.


Joy… It’s My Favorite.


As always it is my prayer that you’ve been Inspired To Live Fully!


And if you ever want to make a deposit in my JOY bank, I love Garrett’s Popcorn (hint, hint)


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Feed Your Spirit

There’s lots of attention these days on eating clean, eating right, eating healthy, whole foods, real foods and the like. That is but a small part of TOTAL nourishment. A well-balanced, nourished life feeds the mind, the body and the spirit.


How crucial it is friends to properly nourish the spirit. Just as the physical body requires daily sustenance for optimal performance, the spirit if not more, requires daily nutriment.


You must feed your spirit.


And as the physical body sometimes needs additional nourishment by way of supplements, extra calories, increase of whole foods and decrease of processed foods coupled with extra rest, massage and maybe some chiropractic or acupuncture care, your spirit man may be in need of a boost through a time of consecration including prayer and fasting. Some things can ONLY be moved through prayer and fasting.


“However, this kind does not go out except by prayer and fasting.” Matthew 17:21


Have you ever been in a season where God is downloading nuggets of truth but you don’t necessarily know how to process the information?


Have you ever been in a season where you feel like you can’t hear from God?


Have you ever been in a season where you need CLEAR answers and direction from God?


These are all times that may call for additional prayer and fasting. You know like the holidays call for bigger more substantial meals, you may need a bigger meal to feed your spirit.


The Lord has really been doing a work in me. But it all seems so disjointed. He’s been giving me visions, had me engaged in frontline warfare, has me speaking in ways I’ve never spoken before, He’s stretching my faith. And all these separate occurrences I know will somehow work together for my good but its all so much, so quick. I can’t make sense of it. And what’s impressed upon my spirit is to not try to make sense of it in a way that makes sense to me. But to simply yield to Him and He will bring it all together seamlessly in His perfect timing.


Some of the things He’s spoken to me though require action on my part. To prepare myself to take action, I will clear my heart and mind to receive my instructions. I will consecrate myself through prayer and fasting so I can get my walking papers in hand.


To hear clearly I am minimizing things that can dull my spiritual receptivity. For the next 3 days, I will consume minimal food and drink, only in taking that which is necessary for sustaining health and vitality. A nourished spirit is a strong spirit.


You are from God, little children, and you have conquered them, because the One who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world. 1 John 4:4



The Word of God will be my food. As I feast on God’s timeless truths, He will reveal the next steps I’m supposed to take. He will strengthen my inner man. As I crucify my outer man’s desires and longings for temporary gratification through food, He will feed me with spiritual food that will not only sustain me but will provide answers I need.


Answers to prayers I’ve prayed.

Answers that will bless others.

Answers that will move the Kingdom agenda forward.


When we pray according to His will, He hears and He answers.


This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us. And if we know that he hears us—whatever we ask—we know that we have what we asked of him.

1 John 5:14-15


His word is my SOUL FOOD. A heaping plate of fragrant, steamy goodness. As I delve into His word I will take my time, chew His words slowly, savor each morsel then swallow it down so that it becomes a part of me, nourishing my blood, muscles, bones, heart and mind. As that nourishment becomes a part of my being, I am strengthened and fortified to walk out my PURPOSE!


When was the last time you gave up something, sacrificially to hear from Him?


Are you in need of direction/answers?


Considering setting aside some time for prayer and fasting.


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As always, it is my prayer that you’ve been Inspired To Live Fully!