The 5 People You Need In Your Tribe

“Long as I got King Jesus, I don’t need nobody else”.


So goes a line from an old gospel song. We all got a good chuckle in church yesterday as our Pastor sang and danced to the song. While the dance was cute, he was making a profound point. He was uncovering the flawed theology in the song. Indeed Jesus is MORE than enough for any need we have. Jesus did not design us to walk the journey of life alone. We are wired to do life together. Click To Tweet It just makes the going a little easier.


So who’s on your squad?


These are 5 people we need in our tribe.


Oldie But Goodie

This is your faithful friend. An old crony, running partner, tried and true blue friend. Even if they haven’t been your friends for a long number of years, it feels like they’ve been around always. The total opposite of fair weather friend, they are there in time good and bad. They are familiar and comfortable like your favorite old robe. You don’t have to explain to them what you’re feeling and why, they just already know.


Tell It Like It Is

We appreciate our friend who agrees with us and takes our side. But we NEED the friend who will tell us like it is. She will check us. She will point out when we have erred. Without bias, she will carefully assess a situation and present it to us. Argh! She may rub you the wrong way from time to time but you need that. The sandpaper of tell it like it is, is what makes you smooth.


Zena Warrior Princess

Ok, back in the day this would have been the friend ready to fight for you on the playground. She would have been quick to stop gossip and slander about you. Today, she’s the first one on her knees interceding on your behalf. She’s willing to go Peter slicing ears off for you. Fortunately she knows how to channel all that fire into prayer. Even right now she may be found interceding for you.


Party Girl

You know the fun girl. The witty friend. The self-deprecating one that brings a smile to your face. Sometimes I can be WAY to serious. I’ve never learned how to tell jokes (my timing is off and I can never recall all the details of the story). For me doing life mostly means “handling business” so I desperately need this friend to lighten me up, to help get my drawers out of a bunch, to simply be silly and laugh.


The Coach

Who’s challenging you to grow? Who encourages you to go to bed early and to rise early? Who’s on the sideline cheering you on? Who’s holding you accountable? Yup, we all need that coach friend. Your sister friend who will not only remind you of your goals, but the one who is right there as the dream is fulfilled.


So who’s in your tribe?


For you these may actually be 5 different chicas. For some this may but that one special treasured friend. If you don’t have these sisters represented in your starting lineup, I’m praying God brings the right people into your circle and I pray your heart is open to receive them. One way God expresses his love to us is directly through our relationships so I pray you are blessed with true sisterhood. Friendship and sisterhood are critical to our emotional well being and personally near and dear to my heart. You can find me sharing more on the topic here:




We’ve been called to:

~Love one another

~Bear one another’s burdens

~Pray for one another

~Comfort one another
~give preference to one another

~Forgive one another

~Be kind to one another

~Serve one another

~Speak truth to one another

~Encourage one another


It is my prayer that you’ve got people in your tribe that will love you, encourage you and serve you. We all need a squad who will speak truth to us, bear our burdens and give us comfort. Take confidence in knowing you’ve got me on your squad, holding it down in prayer.


As always, it is my prayer that you’ve been Inspired To Live Fully!


Happy to connect with these friends sharing the Good News Mommy Moments, Purposeful Faith, Grace and Truth