8 Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water

Sour. Tangy. And down right thirst quenching. That’s my take on lemon water. I drink it every day, all day and have been doing so for at least 6 years now. We’ve all been taught to drink our 8 cups a day. Why not up the benefits quotient of your daily water by adding lemon.




It’s like holding the sun in your hands. Its color radiates brilliance. From being used in the 1700’s to successfully fight scurvy to today’s lemon water hype, the Lemon has:


~51% of your daily value of Vitamin C

~Vitamin B-6, Thiamin, Magnesium, and Potassium, among others.

~Antioxidant Power


8 Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water


It is suggested that lemon water:

~Makes Your Belly Flat

~Improves Digestion

~Helps The Liver Perform Optimally

~Keeps Sickness At Bay

~Helps Improve Acid/Alkaline Balance

~Helps Improve Skin

~Helps Increase Iron Absorption

~Is An Anti-Inflammatory


A few studies have been done to substantiate many of these claims. We can also surmise a few things that just MAKE SENSE as related to the benefits of drinking lemon water.


~Lemon does contain pectin fiber, which can help control hunger. So chances are that can help curb your eating thus impacting the belly.

~Lemon water can help relieve symptoms of indigestion and increase production of bile aiding digestion.

~The typical American diet is highly acidic. This causes a condition in the body called acidosis. Drinking lemon water can help bring acid/alkaline levels back into balance.

~Vitamin C is important in the formulation of collagen so yes drinking that lemon water would seem to make your skin glow and appear taut.

~Iron is more easily absorbed when paired with Vitamin C so add a squeeze of lemon juice to your protein or spinach for better iron absorption.

~Lemons are antioxidants which cut down free radicals, boost the immune system and help you heal faster.


Personally, I find that it quickly quenches my thirst. When drinking lemon water I am apt to do less mindless eating and I am satiated so that could contribute to keeping the belly from getting big. I rarely get sick, don’t have inflammation and my skin looks well. Should I attribute this to drinking the lemon water? All I’ll say is it’s working for me. And hey, even if you aren’t the recipient of all the wonderful things lemon water is touted to do, you can still feel good about yourself for having consistently drank water and adding the lemon wasn’t taking much of a risk. So go ahead and drink your lemon water.


For more on the benefits of lemons click here


As always, it is my prayer that you’ve been Inspired To Live Fully!


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  1. Tai East
    Tai East says:

    Great post, Tyra! I quit drinking sodas three years ago and now all I drink is lemon water. Sometimes, I mix it up a little bit by adding cucumber and mint or other infused water recipes with fruits and veggies, but I know for sure lemon water has made a difference in my skin as well as helping maintain my ideal weight.

  2. Christine Duncan
    Christine Duncan says:

    I just recently started this… I’ve always loved just drinking water anyway, but something about adding the healthy lemon makes me more mindful about what else I consume too… loved reading what benefits to try keeping an eye out for!


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