Ancient of Days {A Spoken Word Poem}

On this, the day we recognize the birth of The Savior of the World, let us remember that He is:

~The One Who Was

~The One Who Is

~The One Who Is To Come


Eternity Beach



I pray this Christmas you are filled with the hope that your future is merry and bright. He who was, is and is to come, the One who has known you from the foundation of the earth, loves you with an everlasting love.


Ancient of Days

Daniel 7:9,13,22


From the beginning of time,

A ruler divine,

Creator of heaven and earth

From conception of the first birth,

The Ancient of Days.


Seated high on the throne,

With wisdom and power unknown,

All authority in hand,

Author of the master plan,

The Ancient of Days.


A great exchange

From times prearranged

From Father to Son

All glory and dominion

The Ancient of Days.


To defeat the enemy

Liberate the saints, you and me

To establish an everlasting kingdom,

Freedom and victory for me has been won

The Ancient of Days.


Eternal praise for the Ancient of Days

Mighty and wondrous

In all your ways

We cry holy, holy, holy

To your name

Glory glory, glory

To the Ancient of Days.

We cry holy, holy, holy

To your name

Glory, glory, glory

to the Ancient of Days.


© Tyra Lane-Kingsland


As always, it is my prayer that you’ve been Inspired To Live Fully!


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