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Everything In It’s Time (But Procrastination’s Not Allowed)

Ecclesiastes 3:1…. Yup. You know the verse. If you’ve been a Believer for any length of time you can probably even quote verses 1-8. Even if you’re a non-believer, you know the often used phrase, “There’s a time and place for everything”. Even nature pays tribute to this universal law. There is day and night, […]

What Do You Hunger and Thirst For?

Eat. Drink. Snack. Repeat.   We are consumption machines. And our consumption isn’t merely limited to food. Relationships, media, nearly anything can be used to whet out appetites.   But what do you hunger and thirst for?   While it is comforting to find fulfillment in people and things, divulging in those things alone still […]


Self-Care: Principles For Daily Living

Mama holding her baby while trying to get her teeth cleaned at the dentist. 2 little ones in the room while mamas trying to get a pelvic exam. Breaking up a sibling squabble right in the middle of your morning devotions.     Yes, the struggle for self-care is real! But it is critically necessary. […]


Beware of These Three Signs

Superwoman   Wonder Woman   Storm   Somehow the world has come to believe that we really are SUPER women. And we’ve bought into the lie. “I’m every woman, it’s all in me.” I can be assertive in the boardroom, passionate in the bedroom, gentle and patient with my children, slay on the runway, slice […]