Bulking Up

Why do they call it getting ripped?

When you are working to increase muscle mass, you literally have to go through the process of TEARING the flesh.  Muscle building does not occur without first tearing down muscle fibers, the main element of muscle tissue. The increase in muscle mass then occurs when the body repairs the torn muscle fibers. Resistance training and weight training are two ways to initiate the tearing down and building up cycle.

When bulking, up you eat more of the right food at the right time such as protein and carbs before workout.
When bulking up you also want to lift heavier weight.

The same can be said for bulking up spiritually. When I bulk up spiritually I need to feast on more of God’s word; the right word at the right time.  I know I need to sacrifice and wake up earlier to give Him the 1st of my day.  I may need to even turn off Christian radio and tv programming so that I allow Him to speak to me directly from His word.

For my spiritual bulking up I also need to lift heavier weight.  I need to feast not only on the word that is familiar or comfortable but dare myself to dig into scriptures that have challenged me.  When lifting heavier weight I may also need a spotter.  Who is your spiritual spotter?  Who is there to hold you accountable? Who is there to challenge you to do just.one.more.rep; to believe God just one more time? And when you get weary and can long longer hold that weight, who is there to help you lift it?  Moses had Aaron and Hur.  Where are your Aaron and Hur?

So what will grow bigger; your fear or your faith? Whichever you feed and use will grow.  I have purposed in my heart to exercise my faith muscle. I won’t suffer from analysis paralysis. I will start before I’m ready, because truthfully I’ll never be ready. The Lord told Abram go to a place I will show you. And Abram swiftly, obediently went.

I will move from comfort zone to STRETCH zone.

Will you join me today in living in the STRETCH zone?

Your reading of this blog post is evidence of me exercising my faith muscle.  I had lots of fears in bring this blog to fruition. It has actually been 3+ years in the making.  How many lives could I have impacted if fear hadn’t gotten the best of me?  Since I embrace the now moment, I won’t dwell on that but will press ahead in faith.

I made a decision.

Do it afraid.

And guess what?  Even though it is unnerving not knowing what’s coming next, I know whatever “it” is, it will be good because I’m moving in obedience. I am spiritually bulking up.  I’m hitting those weight.  I feel stronger each day.

Singer Stephen Hurd says in his song Through the Eyes of Faith, “You’ve gotta activate your faith”.

What will you do today to activate and exercise your faith muscle?

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