For the Rest of My Life

“Excuse me…but…um.  Do you know you have your pants on inside out and backwards?”, he said.  This kind man had pensively approached me while at my son’s Cub Scout meeting to share this news.  I can only imagine his embarrassment at having to break this news to me.  And sure enough, my pants were on inside out and backwards.  And no, I had no idea.  

You see, I had run myself ragged; staying up way too late to tinker, tweak and fine tune the appearance of my soon to be launched website.  Yet my life necessitates that I wake up early so it was a recipe for disaster.

And what would drive an otherwise put together, A-type personality to be out in public with her pants on backward and inside out?


For a moment I had gotten away from properly caring for my temple through rest and I suffered because of it.  I had a headache that lingered for over a week and was out in public looking disheveled (To my defense, I had changed abruptly out of my exercise clothes and hastily grabbed a pair of pants off my closet floor in the dark to race with all 5 children in tow to arrive at Cub Scouts on time).

Proper care of the temple requires nourishment, exercise and REST. Forsaking rest is one of the greatest ways we can sabotage our health.

Rest is defined as: Refreshing ease or inactivity after exertion or labor.  To be free from anxiety or disturbance.

As a mother of 5 young children, I am constantly ‘ON’. I asked God to show me, outside of sleep, what are other ways I can get rest? He answered me saying,” look to these windows of opportunity to turn ‘OFF'”:

~morning quiet time before my family wakes

~peaceful solitude during/after lunch without tv, phone or social media

~a quick snatch early evening even if it’s just gazing out the window or walking slowly to the mailbox and back

~in the evening before bed more peaceful solitude.

Maximizing on these rest opportunities fills me with peace, helps me remain calm and keeps me balanced. It gives my brain an opportunity to give thanks, file my thoughts, and refocus if necessary. These mini siestas are crucial to overall health and wellbeing.  And while they are short snatches of time, they are enough to create room for me to BREATHE.

In her latest book, Breathe, Priscilla Shirer digs into the concept of the Sabbath rest.  She says, “The Sabbath is a pause, a stopping point, a decision to take a break from buying or gathering or producing or accruing or doing or working. It’s the Spirit empowered choice to stop and enjoy God.”

Jesus Himself urges us to CEASE activity and REST.  In Mark 6:31 He says, “Come aside by yourselves to a deserted place and rest a while”.

So what can you do today to ensure you come aside by yourself and rest a while? Tell me by commenting below.IMG_5448.JPG

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  1. Denita Johnson
    Denita Johnson says:

    It is so awesome when you learn something and God confirms it, after all these years with my children I found out to look for that moment in the day to rest and keep him first even on the most busiest days. Thanks for always being open to share with us.

  2. Angie
    Angie says:

    My intentions are to rest my mind more often. Even when I’m not doing all the wife and mommy duties, or not physically doing much – I still don’t seem like I’m resting. I’ve got to do better! Thanks for this wonderful post.

    • Tyra Lane-Kingsland
      Tyra Lane-Kingsland says:

      Congrats on your resolve to rest. Start small. Early a.m., mid-day, late evening. At least a five minute mental break three times a day for reflection, rejoicing, and filing all the events of the day. Whoosah!


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