How To Build The Perfect Smoothie

Nearly every day for me starts with a green smoothie. Since breakfast is my least favorite meal of the day, drinking a smoothie ensures I get the jumpstart needed for my day in a gentle and nutritious way.


Follow these steps to master building the perfect smoothie.


First things first. You must have a good quality high-speed blender. On the market today are plenty to choose from; Ninja, Blend-Tec, Vitamix, and more, take your pick. I use this Ninja that was purchased for me as a gift and I love it. I use it at least once a day every day, sometimes even 3 times a day.


berry smoothie

If your produce has already been washed, you can make your smoothie in a matter of minutes. So grab an item from each of the categories below and let’s blend.



Always start with a few ice cubes unless you’re using frozen fruit. The high-speed motor on your blender is likely to slightly heat the contents of your drink as you are blending. And I don’t know about you but I don’t like drinking my smoothies hot.


Then add about one cup liquid of your choice. Some excellent options are:

~Coconut Water

~Non-Dairy Milks (Coconut, Cashew, Almond)





Here the combinations are endless. I do try not to combine too many high sugar fruits in one drink. Even though it’s natural sugar, we still want to be mindful of overall sugar intake. Some of my favorite fruits & veggies:





~Swiss Chard

~Beet Greens








~1/2 Banana








If your drinking your smoothie as a meal replacement you’ll want to add protein. Some good choices:

~Nut Butters (Peanut, Almond, Sunflower Seed)

~High quality plant based protein powder

~Plain Greek Yogurt




Up the nutritional factor my adding some of these boosters:


~Chia or Flax seeds

~Raw Cacao Powder


Ok friends, now that you’ve learned how to build the perfect smoothie, what are you waiting for? Get to blending!


Raspberry Smoothie

kale smoothie

Berry Smoothie






Check out two of my favorite smoothie recipes

Apple Pie Smoothie

Black Forest Smoothie


As always, it is my prayer that you’ve been Inspired To Live Fully!

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  1. Candace
    Candace says:

    I love smoothies, Tyra! They are such a perfect way to start the day. I always forget how easy they are to create. Green smoothies for breakfast help ward away my sugar cravings which is also an amazing and much needed benefit. Thank you for this awesome resource, my friend!


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