I Know Who I Am

Like the little engine that could, I chug along with confidence and boldness.


I Know Who I Am.


I Know Who I Am.


I Know Who I Am.


A child of the King.


A daughter of the Most High God.


An heir to the throne of grace.


Then as I keep chugging through life, and come to new terrain: a new opportunity, a new experience, a new challenge, a new situation, a change of plans, or a detour, my I Know Who I Am gets diverted.


I think I know who I am. Self-doubt creeps in. I question my abilities. Negative self-talk and self-defeating thoughts begin to crowd out TRUTH. Then, do I still know who I am?


When I allow the enemy to flood my mind with lies and deceit do I know who I am?


Thoughts like:

~What makes you think this is a good idea

~Do you even believe this will work

~Maybe you’re too late



That’s the plan of the enemy, to plant little seeds of doubt which have the potential to grow into trees of fear. Click To Tweet Trees that immobilize forward progress, whose roots choke out everything growing around it.


He hates you. He hates me and he’s hell bent on convincing us that we are someone and something other than who God created us to be. He knows if he can dissuade, distract, and discourage us, we’ll feel hopeless and powerless. And when stripped of hope and power we are rendered defenseless. And when we are defenseless, we can be easily overtaken.




Having taught us to store His word in our hearts, He calls the word forth so that we are reminded of who He says we are.


First and foremost, from a time before our birth, He knew us. He knew who our parents would be, what economic situation we’d be born into, what race we’d be and on.


“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you;

Before you were born I sanctified you;

I ordained you a prophet to the nations.” Jeremiah 1:5


From time long ago He knew the skills and abilities He placed in each of us. He knew how He would utilize these skills and abilities to further His kingdom building agenda. But do we adopt the lies and allow ourselves to be derailed? In minimizing God’s capabilities, do we allow ourselves to be a pawn in impeding the kingdom building agenda?




We will not suffer from a case of mistaken identity. We will not be victims of identity theft. We will stay immersed in the truth of who we are. We know who we are based on who our Creator says we are. The designer of a product knows its intended use. The designer knows its intricacies, its components and its full capabilities. Then the product goes from the designer to the user. Sometimes the user manual isn’t read. Sometimes it’s discarded. Sometimes it’s lost. Have you ever tried to put together something from Ikea without using the instructions? It’s a recipe for disaster.


But you have the manual right at your fingertips. His Word clearly affirms who we are, how special we are and how useful we are.


He declares:


~We were created in His own image

~We have been called by name

~We are His workmanship

~We are a chosen generation

~We are holy and blameless

~We are His children

~We are His friend

~We were created for good works


Sweet friends, I share this truth because it is a constant reminder that I need. Oh I celebrate the day when I can consistently walk in the boldness and confidence in which I was created. Let’s have a word of pray.


Creative, Holy, Loving, Merciful God, I thank you. By your hand I was uniquely formed and fashioned. By your Word I was established. And by your power I am a reality. I am a breathing, walking, talking, living miracle. I am a manifestation of your grace and beauty. Lord forgive me for when I have denied the greatness of my heritage. Lord, by your power I renew my thoughts and transform my thinking so that it aligns with your Truth. I fully embrace the fearfully wonderfully made creation that I am. I will walk worthy of my calling. I renounce every lie that the enemy tries to get me to accept as truth. I take those thoughts captive and the blood of Jesus extinguishes them. And by the authority You’ve vested in me, I stand boldly on the truth that I am your beloved, that I’ve been clothed in fine linen and silk, that you’ve placed a crown on my head, that I am a royal priesthood that I am the apple of your eye, that I am your friend, that I am your workmanship, that I am a good success, that I am seen, that I am loved! Hallelujah! I thank you for Lord that I am who you say I am. In You I find my identity. In You I Know Who I Am. In Jesus’ name. Amen.



As always, it is my prayer that you’ve been Inspired To Live Fully!


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P.S. Israel Houghton sings two songs that minister this truth to my heart, Identity & I Know Who I Am. Take a listen and celebrate the truth.

Happy to connect with others sharing the Good News Cheerleaders of Faith, Grace & Truth

4 replies
  1. Lux
    Lux says:

    Just 2 nights ago I had like a “visit” in a nightmare. He kept on reminding me of my sins but I held on to my identity. I am forgiven, I am loved, I am saved, I am redeemed. So he left. I know who I am and the enemy can never take that away from me. 🙂

  2. Candace
    Candace says:

    These words were much needed today, my friend. I’m really struggling with self-doubt and overwhelm lately. I’m fully feeling this: “Trees that immobilize forward progress, whose roots choke out everything growing around it.” Thank you for your encouragement and important reminders today, Tyra. Your prayer at the end is absolutely perfect. I need to say that every morning before even getting out of bed :).

  3. Michele Renee
    Michele Renee says:

    Thanks Tyra, love the prayer. This speaks to me strongly: “Lord, by your power I renew my thoughts and transform my thinking so that it aligns with your Truth.” Amen.


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