Is God Good All The Time?

I got a text two days ago that said, “God is good all the time”.


What a trite, overused expression. We say it rote, without meaning, without really thinking about the statement. It’s just become a part of church lexicon. In fact, even non-believers say it.


So it got me to thinking, is God good all the time?


Lately, God and I have been having issues. Well, God doesn’t have issues, so let me restate that. Lately I’ve been having issues with God. I’ve had to dig deep and deal with the issue of God not keeping His promises. I’ve had Job-like rants. My flesh and my spirit have been at enmity with one another.


All the while, God has been nudging me, gently whispering, “In it all, give thanks”. He’s been speaking, “You may not feel it or see it, but truly I’m working it all together for your good and it’s all good”.


So what do we do when we don’t see the good?


How do we cope when we don’t feel good?


Is it indeed true that God IS good all the time, even when the FACTS present themselves quite the opposite?



To the oyster, having a foreign object such as a grain of sand lodged in its delicate tissue is NOT good. While the grain of sand may present discomfort, the oyster is able to protect itself by releasing a substance, which coats the irritant, and the result is a precious, valuable pearl. Likewise, in life we will encounter irritants, things that we feel are NOT good. But by the power of the Holy Spirit at work in us, we can release the authority and power residing within us to wrap around life’s irritants to create a valuable testimony. Our testimonies are precious and can help others overcome. And just as one may ooh and ahh over the precious jewels and gems you are wearing, like your pearls, your testimony shines to gives glory to God.


“You are good, and what you do is good; teach me your statutes.”

Psalm 119:68


Theodicy is the theological assertion that God IS indeed good despite the presence of evil in the world. It is human nature to want to understand WHY an all-loving, all-powerful, just God would allow suffering and evil. God IS absolute in His goodness and there is no evil in Him, yet we are victims or even perpetrators of evil as subjects of a fallen world. But out of His unfailing love and compassion for us, He ensures it all works together for our good. Perhaps the human mind cannot fully appreciate or understand the complexities of this. It even confounds me at times. But when I look back over my life and examine some of my most difficult trials, I can see how God loved me through it and how He caused the events to work for my good. I can see how the situations developed my character, caused me to become more compassionate, prepared me for future life challenges and equipped me assist others.


And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.

Romans 8:28


Regularly I tell my children, “Look for dirt”. In this, I am telling them to train their eyes to ”SEE” mess, clutter, or dirt that they can clean or pick up instead of just passing by. I want their eyes open and their perception heightened to what is in their physical environment. I don’t want them to be one of those people that just see random items on the floor and walk past them. I want them to be good citizens who proactively take action on what needs to be done.


In the same manner, God wants us to attune our spiritual eyes to see. He wants our eyes so trained that we readily see and embrace His good at work in our lives. God doesn’t skimp on doing good toward us. Click To Tweet But we must have the right perspective in order to see His good. Like I tell my children to “Look for dirt”, He is urging us to “See the good”. And to see His good requires a shift in paradigm, away from seeing with natural eyes to seeing with spiritual eyes.


Is God good all the time?


Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever!

Psalm 107:1


Even though my flesh doesn’t always agree, my spirit bears witness that indeed He is good.


Not only is He inherently good, He wants good for you. And He is willing to do radical things to bring about His good in your life and in mine. He is intentional and purposeful with every single event that has ever occurred in our lives. . He is strategic in ordering events, people and circumstances so that they ultimately work in concert for our good. Seemingly random incidents are woven together in a tapestry that artfully displays the work of His sure and GOOD hand in our lives. And while the patchwork of cutting, stitching and mending can be laborious and sometimes painful, we are left with a beautifully wrought garment that showcases His glory. Hallelujah!


Yes, God is good all the time. Let your eyes be illuminated so that your WHOLE body will be full of light, full of the TRUTH that God is good. Yes He is.


God is good,

All the time.

And all the time,

God is good.


Not merely a trite overused statement, but a confession of truth.


As always, it is my prayer that you’ve been Inspired To Live Fully.
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