Life Water {Coconut Water}

Better than any sports drink loaded with sugar and artificial color. Coconut water is life water. A natural source of electrolytes, it replenishes the body’s potassium and sodium. This hydrating fluid is rich in Vitamin C, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Copper and Magnesium. It has naturally occurring enzymes that promote gut health.


young Thai coconut


It is an ideal food for breaking your fast in the morning or replenishing your electrolytes after a workout.


Coconut water is sources from young coconuts. If you’ve ever travelled to the Caribbean, chances are you may have seen a truck on the side of the road loaded with green coconuts. The seller will take his machete, hack off the top, and you can sip pure, delicious, nourishing life water right from the coconut.


green coconut


Today, coconut water is bottled and readily available in most conventional grocery stores and specialty markets. In the states, young coconuts can be found in a market like Whole Food, though they’ll be grossly overpriced. If you have a Thai market in your area, you can find them there. My local international market sells Asian, Hispanic and Caribbean foods and I get mine from there.


young coconut 2


Hacking into one of these babies is an art. A sharp knife and some wrist action will get you in but you want to do it just right as to not waste one drop of the precious water inside. You can find YouTube videos on how to cut into one. Once you get it open and take that first sip…Mmm. It is an acquired taste. To me it really doesn’t “taste” like coconut. It has a faint coconut taste, more like a coconut aroma than a strong taste. It is slightly sweet and nutty, and thoroughly nourishing to the body.


young coconut meat


Pick up a few of these gems and fuel your body today with this potent life water. You can drink it straight up or to recover after your workout, try the recipe below. And after you’ve consumed the water, you can even scrape out the tender coconut meat to eat or add to smoothies.


Post-Workout Coconut Smoothie


1 cup coconut water

1 frozen banana

1 scoop plant based protein powder

¼ tsp cinnamon

1 tbsp organic raw honey


As always, it is my prayer that you’ve Inspired To Live Fully!

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