Summer Slow Down

7 more days. Really?! Seven more school days until the completion of the 2014-2015 school year. Of my 5 children, 3 are in school. Our school year has been greatly extended because of many snow days and delayed openings. And not only does it mark the completion of the school year but also a break from their STEM club and Boy Scouts.


With the intensity of their schoolwork, extra curricular activities, my home, business and ministry commitments, we are all in need of the summer slow down. I usually have their summer calendar FULL by April. From VBS and camps to vacations and festivals, that calendar is jammed packed. Not this year friends.


I’ve taken a different approach. As always (well, almost all the time), I’ve followed the Holy Spirit’s leading. He gently showed me that some of my family’s joy and fun have been squeezed out. As stated earlier, with the intensity of our day-to-day activities and my husband starting a new job, fun has been in “Life’s” clutches struggling to get free.   So I release FUN from its restraints. We will bask in the summer slow down, embrace the now moment and have fun.


You make known to me the path of life; in your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore. Psalm 16:11


Lord I resolve not to allow “Doing Life” to squeeze You out, squeeze fun out, squeeze joy out. I will find my delight in You Oh Lord and will reflect your glory and fullness of joy onto my loved ones. And with the reflection of your glory I will command the atmosphere in my home to be saturated with love, joy, peace and fun.


To embrace the summer slow down and have fun I’ve left the calendar pretty open. The 3 oldest will have one week of camp each and we’ve got one family vacation planned otherwise, we’ll figure it out as we go along.  I’ll have the children create at least 20 things they want to do and we’ll put them in a jar and pick.


And so far we are off to a great start. I went to an all-day jazz concert with a friend who is witty and kept me in stitches. The children have had fun hanging out at The National Harbor, a pool party, eating out (which is a real treat because we usually eat at home) a health and fitness expo, and a water gun battle. Now if mommy and daddy can get a date night….


Some of my personal favorite ways of summer slow down:


~Reading historical Christian fiction

~Going to the beach

~Going to a concert

~Sitting in a coffee shop with my laptop and a steaming cup of Joe (this is a rare treat)

~Sitting on the front step of my home, gazing out onto the water, listening to the birds and geese.


What are you doing to embrace the summer slow down and have fun? Let me hear from you. If you are challenged with granting yourself permission to have fun, CLICK HERE.


As always, it is my prayer that you’ve been Inspired To Live Fully!

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  1. Rebekah
    Rebekah says:

    We are in desperate need of some fun this summer, too! Our kids are at various stages – one is getting ready to leave the next in the next couple years and the youngest is just a couple years into school, so I feel like our schedule is always crazy. BUT – I’m planning to make some down time and I’m looking forward to that already!! 🙂 Thanks for linking up at Grace & Truth!

    • Roby
      Roby says:

      The juice looks so nice, what a geeuorns friend! :)That eyeliner looks so good on you too 🙂 You would never know you found it tricky to apply :)When I try liquid eyeliner everyone knows as I'm so bad at it, haha!

    • Tyra Lane-Kingsland
      Tyra Lane-Kingsland says:

      Tondra I’m looking forward to reading you post and sharing summer adventures. Today’s the first day out for us. We’ve been to the movies and the children have planned an end of school year dinner party for tonight. I’m praying God’s abundant grace as we delight in Him while engaging out children.

  2. Kelly Balarie
    Kelly Balarie says:

    Why do you have to speak to me on slowing down? ha! Don’t you know that is so hard. Thank you Tyra. Your words speak dear one! Cheering you on from the #RaRalinkup with Purposeful Faith.

    • Tyra Lane-Kingsland
      Tyra Lane-Kingsland says:

      Sweet friend I only relay the truth as given to me directly from the Holy Spirit. And it is a message that the Lord has to deal with me on. So He’s challenged me to spread the love 🙂 I had to even go back and Re-read this post http://www.inspiredtolivefully.com/how-to-get-rest/ it’s worth a read when you get a minute. Blessings to you Sis as you obediently slow down and rest in Him. He is faithful to lead you beside still waters. The question is will we sit and stay a while?

  3. Mary Geisen
    Mary Geisen says:

    I got drawn in by the title of your post because I am learning of so slowly how to do this in my own life. My sons are grown but I am finding that it’s not just summer that needs a makeover. I need to learn this slow down as a rhythm for all seasons and especially in my new season of retirement. It doesn’t mean that I am not doing anything it’s just that relaxation and restoration are not words in my vocabulary. Thank you for the sweet rhythm of your words today to remind me how to breathe deep and slow down. Visiting you from #RaRalinkup

    • Tyra Lane-Kingsland
      Tyra Lane-Kingsland says:

      Speaking of REST & Rhythm, Daniele at Domestic Serenity wrote an excellent ebook called Honoring The Rhythm of Rest. Christ calls us to rest. I pray that your mind, body and spirit find rest in Him.

  4. Sheila Kimball
    Sheila Kimball says:

    Since I love summer, I pray for it to go really S L O W. Like you, my husband and I have a few things and a couple of trips planned, but we are taking it one day at a time, with open hearts to go wherever the Wind blows. Savoring…And I sure hope you PLAN for a date with your hubby. SO IMPORTANT for all us marrieds to forever date our beloveds! I wrote about jumpstarting married romance this summer today — http://sheilakimball.com/2015/06/16/10-timely-tips-to-jumpstart-a-ritual-of-romance-this-summer-why-couple-traditions-are-important-for-your-marriage/ Have fun!! #RaRaLinkup

  5. Kathryn Shirey
    Kathryn Shirey says:

    We’re enjoying just the slowdown of all the school expectations and stress! Mine are still young and have to stay in camps/preschool since I work – but we are finding ways to just enjoy the summer. Water balloon fights in the yard, family baseball at the park, picnics at the splash park – fun times outside in the summer sun.


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