Obedience to Christ is the highest form of worship. Jesus says if you love me you will obey my commandments.


Yesterday is done. Tomorrow has yet to happen. I invite you to embrace the fullness of life by maximizing on the NOW moment.


The body is the temple where the Holy Spirit resides. Glorifying and honoring God in our bodies is our reasonable service. Proper rest, exercise and nutrition are essential elements in the life of a disciple.

Spiritual Life

True disciples have an ongoing, growing and thriving relationship with the Lord.

Real Life

Guess what? Life happens!  Good, bad, or indifferent.  The question begs, how do you behave when confronted with the stress of life?  Do you react or respond?

Home Life

We have been called to be in relationship with others.  Through these interactions we have an opportunity to exercise our love for one another.

Nourish Life

Just as you have to feed your spirit, it is important to nourish the vehicle that houses your spirit; your body.  Proper nourishment, rest and exercise are a  must.

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